Kyle House

Set on the beautiful slopes of Northern Scotland, you find Kyle House. It sits elevated with the wild landscape as backdrop - inviting its visitors to enjoy the undisrupted views along the length of the sea loch to the North.

Residential— Scotland
GRAS — Photo: Alex Macleod


Thickness 30 mm. Width 300 mm. Length 2-5 m
Finish Light Oil


Kyle House is a luxurious holiday home for guests seeking beauty, solitude, and exceptional craftsmanship in the undisturbed scenery of nature.

Kyle House had undergone an extensive renovation. The existing property most likely dates from the late 19th or early 20th century and is believed to have been built using the remains of a 2000-year-old iron-age building that occupied a hilltop above the site.


The transformation of Kyle House has been undertaken by design studio GRAS. The Edinburgh-based firm headed by architect Gunnar Groves-Raines, oversaw the renovation of Kyle House for preservation and hospitality organisation Wildland, which has restored several historic properties in Scotland.


"It has been highly rewarding to see local contractors learn from international collaborators to deliver genuinely world-class work, particularly when working with beautiful, elemental materials such as Danish HeartOak".
Gunnar Groves-Raines


Lined with Dinesen HeartOak, Kyle House welcomes its guests with the warm and inviting qualities emanating from the Oak wood. Dinesen HeartOak covers wall and floors, and the house also includes a bespoke kitchen and bathroom by Garde Hvalsøe in Dinesen HeartOak.

The HeartOak floorboards beautifully underpins the very core of nature itself. Every natural crack is preserved and locked with butterfly joints of oak, which gives the oak floorboards a powerful expression. Combined with the knots, it complements an exceptional look. Just like nature itself with its perfect imperfections.


This truly unique plank floor lets nature unfold in all its beauty inside of Kyle House so guests can enjoy what is essential in life no matter where they are.

The pure texture of the wood evokes a feeling of calm and well-being – the house emphasises that this is a place created for both mind, body and soul. Kyle House has a calm which includes you too.

Guests seeking an exceptional experience can book Kyle House here.


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